Middletown Moving Forward

Middletown Moving Forward (MMF) creates and capitalizes on economic development opportunities for Middletown, Ohio. As a community improvement corporation, it is the designated agent for the City of Middletown’s industrial, commercial, distribution, and research economic development activities. MMF lessens the burden on City government and promotes the economic welfare of the City and its citizens.

Middletown Moving Forward has identified five key geographic areas in the city as high potential for industrial and commercial economic development: the Downtown/ Central Business District, Hook Field Airport area, Cincinnati-Dayton Road Corridor, the Renaissance District, and MADE Industrial Park. In these areas, MMF will focus on the following goals and activities for the next three to five years:

  • Reinvestment Fund: Supporting Middletown’s development project pipeline, particularly in low-to-moderate income commercial areas
  • What if Middletown: Facilitating partnerships and connection for shared economic development priorities as a part of the larger What If Middletown visioning process.
  • Lending expertise to business attraction, retention, and expansion activities

Who We Are



To advance, promote, and encourage the establishment and growth of industrial, commercial, distribution and research development activities in the City of Middletown, Ohio.


In 2005, Middletown Moving Forward was created in response to needs and opportunities identified in the City’s Master Plan. From time-to-time, the public-private partnership has worked with city government on economic development projects as requested. In 2013, MMF adopted a new strategic plan that continues to respond to city government while also proactively facilitating partnerships and growth to keep and create jobs and economic activity to benefit all of Middletown.

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Calista Smith
Executive Director
Middletown Moving Forward
One Donham Plaza
Middletown, OH 45042
(513) 727-3676



Debbie Garitson
Board Secretary
Middletown Moving Forward
One Donham Plaza
Middletown, OH 45042
(513) 425-7941